Year Abroad / Exam season stress

It has been four years since I last sat a January exam, so of course, the last few weeks have been a bit of a shock to the system. I've become accustomed to forgetting everything in my first semester modules and revising like mad in April and May, so revising over Christmas was a very… Continue reading Year Abroad / Exam season stress

Year Abroad / Surviving my first week

Hola todos! Let the year abroad blogging commence. It's official: I've been in Zaragoza for a week now. A WEEK. It seems time really does fly when you're having fun/panicking over living in a foreign country/being a tourist in your new home town. I won't lie, I was absolutely petrified about moving here and ended… Continue reading Year Abroad / Surviving my first week

Finally feeling motivated and inspired

It’s the middle of July. University finished a month ago and I have no classes again until September when I move to Spain. Naturally, I have found myself going through somewhat of a lull. Apart from shifts at Lush, my life mainly consists of Netflix marathons, late nights and lots of coffee - I can’t remember… Continue reading Finally feeling motivated and inspired

How to survive your first year of university

After my first, and certainly entertaining, year studying English Literature and Spanish at the University of Birmingham (and inspired by a wonderful piece by Juliette Rowsell) I thought it might be best to impart some wisdom for apprehensive new students to take with them when they embark on their first year of undergraduate adventures this September.… Continue reading How to survive your first year of university

Records and radio

My first year at university has been far busier (and far more bizarre) than I ever expected. At the start of the academic year, if you had told me I would be part of a record label and appearing on the radio, I would have laughed you out the door… so naturally the last few… Continue reading Records and radio

Travel / Viva La Barça

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you'll have seen a barrage of posts from my week in Barcelona. Although set up by my university, essentially it was a week of studying, walking around for hours, getting lost on the metro and drinking cocktails and sangria until we could barely stand. Sunday… Continue reading Travel / Viva La Barça