2017 / March and April Round Up

If you've read my latest year abroad post, you'll know that the last couple of months have been really busy what with university and visits and Easter. Due to this, I had no time for last month's roundup, but here's a double whammy of March and April for you. Music There has been so much… Continue reading 2017 / March and April Round Up

Finally feeling motivated and inspired

It’s the middle of July. University finished a month ago and I have no classes again until September when I move to Spain. Naturally, I have found myself going through somewhat of a lull. Apart from shifts at Lush, my life mainly consists of Netflix marathons, late nights and lots of coffee - I can’t remember… Continue reading Finally feeling motivated and inspired

Book Review / Room by Emma Donoghue

Room by Emma Donoghue is one of my absolute favourite books, and with the film adaptation currently in the cinema and being nominated for numerous awards, I thought it'd be best to review the original text for The Indiependent. Title: Room Author: Emma Donoghue Outline: Room is the heartbreaking story of 5-year-old Jack and his Ma who live in… Continue reading Book Review / Room by Emma Donoghue

Book List / My Life in Books

I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember. English was my best subject at school and I loved it (so much so I now study it at university). I’d always be that kid in class who would revel in ‘quiet time’ so I could get on with the next chapter of the book… Continue reading Book List / My Life in Books

Book List / Perfect Reads to Wind Down

Sometimes the stress gets too much for you. You're sick of rereading your essay title and trying to come up with a thesis. You're having a crappy day and need to take your mind off it. Sometimes the best thing to do is take a break. Make yourself a hot drink, snuggle up in an… Continue reading Book List / Perfect Reads to Wind Down