Finally feeling motivated and inspired

It’s the middle of July. University finished a month ago and I have no classes again until September when I move to Spain. Naturally, I have found myself going through somewhat of a lull. Apart from shifts at Lush, my life mainly consists of Netflix marathons, late nights and lots of coffee – I can’t remember the last time I read something or did something that truly made me think or feel productive. That is, until this past week or so.

A lot of graduation ceremonies have taken place this month, particularly at my university, meaning that a lot of my friends have officially left Birmingham complete with robes and mortar boards (and their actual degrees, of course). Last Monday was my boyfriend’s turn, and although seeing him graduate with a 2:1 in Biological Sciences was pretty inspiring, it didn’t truly hit me until the university’s Chancellor made his speech. Although consisting of several personal anecdotes about his life as a Lord and co-founder of Cobra Beer, his speech was truly inspirational, and made me want to run out of the Great Hall and start working on something. I’m not sure what that something was supposed to be, but I felt motivated to read and make something of myself. Of course, that doesn’t happen in a single afternoon, but it made me more focused.

Attempting to keep organised!

Seeing my friends move away recently for their year abroad to Australia, America, Spain… that’s been super weird. However it’s also brought forward the fact that I’m moving away soon too, especially given that last night I finally booked my one way ticket to Zaragoza. 53 days and counting! Even just booking a plane ticket is motivating me to do more, from making sure to keep my diary updated (and full of plans before I jet off) to simply attempting to complete a crossword or sudoku every day to make sure I’m using my brain even during the laziest weeks. I even went to the gym yesterday and enjoyed it, which means something’s definitely changed in my outlook (crazy, I know). I’ve given work a leaving date, I’ve sorted out an apartment for when I move and now it looks like I’ve gotta go and do the thing, Spanish classes and all. Hell, all that Gilmore Girls I’ve been watching has clearly motivated me in some way (though I reckon it’s more the coffee and big pile of books I’ve still yet to read that are the real reason). Bring on the rest of my to do list!

I guess the reason for this post is fairly simple: even during summer when you feel like you’re melting and can’t possibly do anything from the sheer exhaustion that comes with the blazing sunshine, motivation and inspiration can hit you at any time. It’s just typical it hit me so close to moving away, right? I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it has any kind of benefit.

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