Spotify Discoveries / July 2016

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Spotify Discoveries. Summer has finally arrived in the UK, the sun is shining and my latest list of gems is certainly perfect for the hot July vibes. This time around I ended up using the ‘New Music Friday’ playlist too, so this is a bit more of an up-to-date list than usual. Enjoy!

In Common / Alicia Keys

Originally released in May this year, Alicia Keys seems to have taken inspiration from Drake and Rihanna with a dash of Jamie xx, taking elements of tropical house, dancehall and Latin music to create this hypnotic track. It’s a departure from some of her previous singles, adopting a hushed, sensual tone, and if I’m honest, I’ve had it stuck in my head constantly for at least a week now.

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Control Myself / Leisure

With slow, laid-back R&B beats and lyrics, Leisure’s latest track can only be described with three simple words: smooth as fuck. The soul-funk is strong with this one. Have a lie down in the sun, play this loud through your headphones and feel yourself drifting away into that happy place of yours.

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Rome / Prides

I absolutely love this band – massive hooks, synths galore, and now back after less than a year with an absolutely wicked banger of a track. It’s a bit different to their debut album, heavier on the speed and synths than it is on the drum beats, but all in all, it’s another wonderful addition to their catalogue.

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Sweetie / Kiko Bun

A gorgeous burst of summer reggae beats, ‘Sweetie’ is the latest single from Kiko Bun and is yet another infusion of reggae with Latin beats. The minute I heard this song, I wanted to be out in the sun, sipping on a cocktail and having a dance: it’s perfect for the weather the UK has been experiencing this week, and bound to get you up and having a boogie (when you’re not searching for a bit of shade, anyway).

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Green and Gold (Solo) / Lianne La Havas

One of my favourite songs released by the captivating Lianne La Havas is made even more of a treat by this stripped-back, acoustic version. Each note is gorgeous, crisp and basically made me fall back in love with one of the best songs she’s ever released. You go, girl.

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Until next time, folks!

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