Single Review / Tired As Fuck – The Staves

Perhaps a profanity in a song title isn’t something we’d expect from indie-folk trio, The Staves, but it’s something they’ve certainly surprised us with. Ahead of a North American tour and headlining Bushstock this summer, the band have released a double-A side single consisting of ‘Train Tracks’ and ‘Tired As Fuck’. The latter is a bluesy rock track that sees the sisters significantly distancing themselves from their signature sound and style.

While the gorgeously harmonious vocals we all know and love remain, they are sung over a much darker composition. The track builds to a thumping crescendo, which is perhaps the most fascinating thing about it. Beginning slowly with a humming refrain and a foot-tapping beat, it doesn’t take long for the bass to kick in, giving the track its bluesy tone as Camilla Stavely-Taylor laments that she’s ‘tired as fuck, / oh I’m tired and stuck’.

The chorus is chock-full of Stavely-Taylor harmonies, with each voice slowly making its way into the track to give it a rich and layered sound, the kind of sound we almost always associate with The Staves. However, further into the song, there are electric guitar elements which kick the track up a notch, eventually leading to a kick-ass solo with which the track descends into beautiful chaos. It is a far cry from their usual gentle, delicate tracks from debut album Dead & Born & Grown and sophomore, If I Was.

It comes as no surprise that this new dark side to The Staves was borne out of something as such, with the band explaining in an email to fans: ‘[The track] was a song written in the midst of a relationship breaking down. Lamenting (among other things) the lack of some sort of guidance in that kind of situation, but also accepting and resigning yourself to the fact that you have to soldier on. Keep going. There is no helping hand.’ Take this advice and crank up ‘Tired As Fuck’ on the speakers and that broken heart will be cured in no time.

Photo credit: Graham Tolbert, taken from Consequence of Sound

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