Single Review / Tired As Fuck – The Staves

Perhaps a profanity in a song title isn’t something we’d expect from indie-folk trio, The Staves, but it’s something they’ve certainly surprised us with. Ahead of a North American tour and headlining Bushstock this summer, the band have released a double-A side single consisting of ‘Train Tracks’ and 'Tired As Fuck'. The latter is a… Continue reading Single Review / Tired As Fuck – The Staves

Year Abroad / Why a year abroad doesn’t have to be the best year of your life

It’s the envy of your friends, parents and Instagram followers alike: the year abroad. Compulsory for language students and an opportunity for adventure for many other undergraduate students, time out from university in the UK is increasingly popular year on year, with a third of students aged between 16 to 30 interested in studying abroad… Continue reading Year Abroad / Why a year abroad doesn’t have to be the best year of your life

New year, new me? Probably not

I'm an idealist. When something goes wrong, I panic and think of the worst case scenario but I always try and see the positive. Sometimes however, so many shit things happen in quick succession that it dampens your outlook and makes you wonder if life really is as rubbish as some make it out to… Continue reading New year, new me? Probably not