Year Abroad / An overdue update

Hola chiquitos! Since my last post a lot of things have happened. Jack visited Zaragoza, I went home for Easter, spent a considerable amount of time at the doctors' and in airports, and last week I returned to Spain for my final ten weeks here. It's amazing how quickly the last (almost) 8 months have passed… Continue reading Year Abroad / An overdue update

Year Abroad / A surprise trip

Hola mis cariños, hope you're all well. Last week saw me take a trip home to the UK for a few days... I've been in Zaragoza for over a month or so now, and at this time of year there is an annual festival to honour the Virgen del Pilar (the Virgin Mary of the Pillar).… Continue reading Year Abroad / A surprise trip

Year Abroad / Feeling sentimental about home

I was up late one night recently contemplating my move to Spain and ended up making a list of all the things that popped in to my head that I am going to miss when I actually go. Prepare yourselves, folks: (In no particular order, of course) My (now old) job and the wonderful people… Continue reading Year Abroad / Feeling sentimental about home