Year Abroad / Feeling sentimental about home

I was up late one night recently contemplating my move to Spain and ended up making a list of all the things that popped in to my head that I am going to miss when I actually go.

Prepare yourselves, folks:

(In no particular order, of course)

My (now old) job and the wonderful people I worked with.

Nights out at Snobs.

Student pubs and their terrible quiz nights. And don’t forget SPOONS.


The crazy amount of Starbucks branches.

The music.

Knowing where to run to for shelter if it starts to rain and I’ve forgotten my umbrella.

Only being a mile’s walk away from my grandparents (or a couple of minutes if I’m lazy enough to take the bus).

My boyfriend living just down the road with the comfiest bed in the entire world (trust me on this one, I don’t know what I’ll miss more).

My books.

All the cute bars and restaurants.

Majority of my friends living just down the road or round the corner aka DMCs on demand.

But then I realised while making this list that actually, the majority of these things will be in Spain. So the nightlife might be different… it’s Spain, people love to drink. They have an abundance of coffee shops, and I’ll be needing that free Starbucks wifi on a regular basis, let’s be honest. My grandparents are only a phone call away, as are my parents, my brother and all of my friends (many of whom are a train or plane away in other wonderful European cities). I can still get books in Spain – I just might not have my own copies or my faves to pick up when I’m bored. And did I mention that Spaniards love to eat and drink? I’m never gonna get around to all the cute places to go to for dinner!

It’s going to be super difficult moving away on Saturday, especially with my mom staying with me for a few days and then my boyfriend visiting to celebrate my 21st birthday with me. However, my aunt said the other day that this could be the making of me – I really hope she’s right.

Only two days to go! Make sure you’re following my blog for all my updates – I’m hoping I can get decent wifi to keep you all in the loop. Also, make sure you’re following my Twitter and Instagram pages for all the details.

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