Coping as a commuter

Hello pals, me again.

If you’ve already read my last post in which I updated you all about what I’m up to these days post-graduation, you’ll know that I’m now a fully-fledged commuter.

I live in Swansea but study in Cardiff, which is roughly an hour away by train. My course is full-on, with my timetable taking up every single day, Monday to Friday, 9-5. I know you’re singing Dolly Parton in your head at the mention of that because I definitely am.

As you can imagine, I am spending a lot of my postgrad life travelling, dealing with moody idiots who should know by now not to bother booking a seat on the train, and getting pissed off with delays and platform alterations (of which there are infinite amounts in Wales).

Just one of many exhausted selfies I’ve sent to my friends in the last two months

But despite all that, I don’t despise commuting. At least not yet, anyway.

I’m sure I will feel very differently about it if I ever move to London and have to deal with the perils of the Underground. But until then, as long as I can avoid Transport for Wales, I’m doing fine. I don’t even hate the early mornings as much as I used to, although neither myself or Jack would ever choose our 5:30am alarm if we had to.

I always take a thermos of oat milk coffee with me, which always makes me late because I forget to make it, and although I’m normally running for my train, I always pick up a copy of the Metro. Most mornings I sit and attempt the crossword (and before you ask, never the cryptic one), and once I’ve given up, move on to sudokus. I read articles, I check Twitter, I send off some emails. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve even written my article submissions the morning of their deadline on that 7:29am train…

But my commute would not be complete without a podcast.

In fact, my obsession with podcasts has become so bonkers in recent months that I now have a proper podcast routine. As in, I actually associate days of the week with when my favourite podcasts are out. That probably makes me sound a bit sad, but when you’ve got two hours of train travel and 40 minutes of walking to fill every day, it happens to the best of us.

But more often than not, if I’m listening to an episode of My Dad Wrote a Porno, it’s a Monday. Table Manners with Jessie Ware? Why, it’s Wednesday, of course. When some of these series ends I may genuinely struggle to work out what day of the week it is. Unless it’s Tuesday — they’re the new Monday at university with them being dreaded alt.cardiff press days.

However, I won’t lie: commuting is tiring.

On certain days when I have a later seminar, I might not get home until near on 10pm. I might only see Jack for a couple of hours before I have to sleep because of my early wake-up call the next morning. It can leave me an absolute grump, can leave me feeling super-duper fragile and when I can’t get the WiFi to work on days I have deadlines and articles to write, my stress level reaches boiling point. But don’t worry. I’m dealing and finding better ways to keep myself calm and collected when stuck in the confines of the quiet coach – I’ve even started making playlists to listen to depending on my mood, whether I want to be pumped up, calm down or have a cry (which I’ve done a few times already).

View out of train window
My usual early morning of Swansea once I’m on my train

As I get back into my blogging, I’ll start writing more posts about what I’m reading / listening to / working on during my train journeys. Think of those shitty YouTube ‘What I’m loving in November!’ videos, and you’ve got the gist. Though I realise I’m not exactly selling the idea so well.

Anyway, until next time, pals. I’m reaching my free WiFi limit…

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