A big ol’ life update

It’s been a while since I last wrote one of these. Over a year if we’re counting. But hello, hola, bonjour, etc. The blog is back!

For the remaining few of you who I’ve not rabbited on to or irritated with several Facebook updates: I’ve moved to Wales. I’m living with my lovely boyfriend in Swansea and studying an MA in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University — everyone, including me, keeps getting the two cities the wrong way round. Essentially I’ve become a fully-fledged commuter with very early alarms and a case of the grumps if I’ve not got coffee to drink on my 7:29 train. I also do the Metro crossword every day like my life depends on it rather than read the majority of the actual newspaper. I’m shaping up to be a great journalist, right?

But enough about my travel habits. Being back on the blog feels a bit weird if I’m honest. I’ve spent the past four weeks or so using every free opportunity to work on assignments, procrastinate on social media or watch Game of Thrones. I’ll admit I make very little time for anything else and this week alone we’ve watched season four in as many days. I’ve already come across and interviewed interesting people across Cardiff, harrassed random passers-by on the street about bicycle safety (that’s a whole other story), and am currently writing about a circus company helping underprivileged young people. It’s certainly very different from writing about Latin American politics or Shakespeare…

I love Wales, and I love my new university. Our MA ‘MagLab’ group has already become a little family with a very over-used group chat, glitter-fueled nights out and pre-Law seminar drinks — just don’t miss shorthand at 9am or you’ll get a telling off (just a note in case my parents are reading this: I have yet to miss a class). I’m not used to spending every single class with the same 22 people but it’s already become quite comfortable, with many an in-joke to boot. Everyone is an absolute gem.

The more glitter the better

However, I’ve not spent the entirety of the last five weeks in Cymru. I’ve ventured back over the border to see Dolly Alderton speak about her memoir with Rosie — who I hadn’t seen for a good year — and caught up with my best UoB pals in Bristol. The latter was a fabulous weekend of wine, escape rooms, and very cute belated birthday presents and cake with Jess, Verity and Mary and I miss them all so much already despite only seeing them a couple of weeks ago.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Proof that we are #squadgoals (the first and last time I will refer to us as such)

Everyone keeps asking me what it’s like to live with Jack — every time someone asks I hear Monica Geller in my head screaming and crying, “I have to live with a boy!”. But it’s not that bad. Considering we’ve spent more time apart than together during our almost two and a half year relationship, I’d say it’s about time we stayed rooted in the same place for longer than a couple of months. Our flat is a super cute little place by Swansea marina with lots of cute cafés and restaurants nearby. Jack’s office is even on the same road so he only has to walk three minutes to work, compared to my 20-minute walk to the station and hour-long train to Cardiff each morning… I’m not bitter at all, I swear.

Celebrating our new flat with prosecco and binge-watching Killing Eve

In short, that’s what I’ve been up to really. Travelling so much every day is tiring, and doing an MA in something as active and ever-changing as journalism is tough but so far, I am so happy I moved here. In many ways, I was nervous about moving out of Birmingham again as my year abroad was a very mixed bag (as many of you who have read my blog before know). But I could not have been more wrong, and if I ever do get homesick, I just call home or Whatsapp message a running commentary of Strictly Come Dancing to my mom, and I’m back on track.

Thanks so much for reading, amigos. Hopefully this is the start of much more regular blogging from here on out.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Posing next to the river by our new flat… in the wrong uni jumper

Sidenote: I decided to keep this post shorter than I originally planned, mainly because a lot of it is MA-related and will more than likely inspire the majority of you to click off this blog and find more interesting things to read. However, if you do want to catch up on all my MA stuff, I’ll create a little tab above in due course. 

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