Single Review: Want You Back – HAIM

Despite being the second flavour of new, long-awaited music from our favourite LA sisters, ‘Want You Back’ is the first official single from HAIM’s upcoming second album, Something to Tell You. The track is a plea, a promise, and above all, the title screams of how an entire world of HAIM fans have felt for the last four years or so: it’s good to have them back.

Despite the summery ‘90s pop vibe of the track, it is a plea to be taken back by a former lover, realising that it was a mistake to leave them. The contrast of lyrics and production is what makes ‘Want You Back’ that touch sweeter. Beginning with Danielle Haim’s warm vocals and a sparse piano intro, the track quickly adds a series of clicks, handclaps and almost whispered backing vocals, building to a beautiful chorus of the three sisters’ in perfect harmony. HAIM’s harmony power is on a par with fellow sister trio, The Staves, and in this track they pack a hell of a punch. HAIM have drawn several comparisons in their time, and the acoustic guitar flicks throughout give it a definite Fleetwood Mac vibe, with the pop elements transporting us back to the 1980s and ‘90s. This is part of their charm and what has helped to build such a strong, diverse following.

While the lyrics are fairly repetitive, this repetitiveness only helps to reinforce the tone and overall message of the track; it also means I’ve had it stuck in my head ever since it was premiered on Radio 1 last week. The production is slightly new and different, but signals development and growth on the band’s part. From both ‘Want You Back’ and ‘Right Now’, it is clear that the wait for the band’s second album will be worth it come July 7th.

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[Originally written for Redbrick]

Image credit: Billboard

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