Single Review: Slow Hands – Niall Horan

Another week, another 1D member’s solo effort. This time, Niall Horan is back a second time round with new single, ‘Slow Hands’, and it’s clear that with this track, Horan is well and truly attempting to shake his seemingly holier-than-thou boyband image. We all know that One Direction were never the most innocent of boybands to exist, but with his new single, Horan has gone for a much more raw, sexier vibe that will surely be welcomed by his fans.

His latest single has much more of an ‘80s funk-rock vibe, with the main guitar riffs sounding like they’ve been lifted from a Continuum-era John Mayer track. What’s more, while the track isn’t so revolutionary in flipping the ‘guy meets girl in a bar’ scenario, it does so in a totally smooth, pop-friendly manner that doesn’t come across as overly sleazy or try-hard – collaborating with Tobias Jesso Jr. has clearly had this effect. Perhaps the lyric ‘sweat dripping down my dirty laundry’ isn’t the most appealing image in the world, but the track as a whole is seriously addictive and demonstrates a completely new and different side to our favourite Irish pop star. He has previously stated in interviews that he ‘wanted it to be a little bit cheeky with the lyric’ and boy, has he done that.

With this track, it seems Horan is taking a step in the right direction post-1D, one that will no doubt earn him a new legion of fans who would have previously dismissed him for his boyband roots. When comparing the two singles he’s released since the 1D hiatus, with the acoustic ‘This Town’ released back in October last year, it’s hard to predict just what his debut album will sound like overall. However, if any of the tracks have a similar vibe to ‘Slow Hands’, I’d say we’re in for a treat.

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[Originally written for Redbrick]

Image credit: Billboard

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