Playlist / Summer Tunes

It may only be April, but lighter nights and the hint of sunny weather has prompted the majority of us to dig out our sunglasses and blast the summer tunes already. Here are some that I think are perfect for this summer, with some words and a Spotify playlist to accompany the perfect sunny walk or cocktail-drenched BBQ afternoon…

Cadillac Girl by Only Real

A lazy, relaxing start to the playlist, Only Real is a must. This song is a signature of his, and with a combination of psychedelia and surf rock, it’s the perfect song to listen to on a long summer drive in the sun

T-Shirt Weather by Circa Waves

The title of this song instantly screams summer, and Circa Waves get that summertime feeling on record with this one. Jangly guitars and a chorus that’ll be stuck in your head for hours after your first listen, this is definitely one seasonal anthem to blast on a hot day

She Bangs The Drums by The Stone Roses

A classic, there’s no doubting that. The Stone Roses are one of those bands that epitomise summer with ‘She Bangs The Drums’ being a brilliant example of this. I challenge anyone to not have a sing along to Ian Brown in the sunshine, with some adding drumming on the car dashboard to go with it

Hurricane Drunk (Horrors Remix) by Florence & the Machine

Florence and the Machine are perfect for all seasons, but this remix of ‘Hurricane Drunk’ by The Horrors is just what the summertime needs. Combining their typical style featuring harps and dreamy rhythms, The Horrors give the song an eighties feel and make it the perfect song to listen to while simply lying on the grass on a warm Sunday evening

Lost on Me by Peace

This is for those who want to have a dance and a bit of fun in the sun. Peace’s summer single ‘Lost on Me’ is something infectious, with its funky rhythms and catchy melodies making it a sing-along anthem for this time of year. Just try not to get stuck doing that famous dance routine down the street while listening, maybe?

LA Calling by Crystal Fighters

This is a seriously upbeat, folk-inspired song by Spanish-influenced Crystal Fighters, a song that personifies summer purely for how happy it sounds. Ideal for festivals and a dance in the sun after a few too many cocktails, this song is gorgeously summery

Movin’ on Up by Primal Scream

If this song doesn’t make you smile and feel happy, I don’t know what will. ‘Movin’ on Up’, featuring a gospel choir and being influenced as such, is something that makes you wish it was summer all year round; an absolute classic tune

How Good It Was by The Courteeners

Summer is a time for nostalgia and memories; this song by The Courteeners is perfect in this sense, recounting the story of a past relationship and revelling in how good the times were in those particular moments – surely ringing true when most people think of past summers? The chorus is catchy as hell too

Two Doors Down by Mystery Jets

This has been a favourite song of mine ever since it was released; an homage to the eighties in a way that isn’t tacky or cheesy. It’s a perfect piece of summer indie pop, combining fun, upbeat melodies and dash of nostalgia to make it a perfect sunshine anthem

Take a listen here:

Words (and playlist) by Kirstie Sutherland

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