Year Abroad / North and South

Hola cariños! The last couple of weekends have been busy for me here in España. It’s been a few months since I saw most of my course friends; I haven’t seen some of them since May! We’ve all been out here or in various other countries since September so it was definitely time for a reunion. As many of us as possible who had the time and money all headed to Sevilla in Andalusia (the south of Spain for those unfamiliar with Spanish geography) and it was absolutely lovely.

However, the journey was tiring. Zaragoza is practically the opposite end of the country, so the train I hopped on was almost four hours long and cost me €15o but damn, it was worth it. After a palaver with my money, I had a nice 20 minute chat with a taxi man (yay for practicing Spanish) who took me to the famous cathedral, where I was greeted by Jordan and Alex before being reunited with the rest of the gang throughout the afternoon! It was so nice to catch up and give my best friends a well-deserved hug over bottles of Cruzcampo and plates of patatas bravas. Plus, the hostel was super cute and in a prime location, which proved very handy. Jordan, acting as our tour guide, had booked us a table at a lovely restaurant, complete with good food and lots of beer. I blame Jess and Martin for the latter.

Only about half the group in this photo, but yay for being reunited!

The next day, we all turned into tourists. After two breakfasts (we were hungry), we all had a walk to Plaza de España. While part of the group queued up for the row boats, myself and the rest hired some bikes in Parque María Luisa. That was interesting. I sat in a bike with Verity, Jordan and Ayesha, managed to drop my bag within two minutes and was certain I would fall out, but we managed it. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much since being in Spain, it was so fun! We also took a walk around the Alcazár after a quick 100 Montaditos stop, and it was truly breathtaking. It’s a shame we didn’t have an extra day to dedicate to it properly, but we got to see it in the wonderful Sevilla sunshine, complete with a peacock sighting! Finishing our day of sightseeing, we went to the top of Las Setas, letting us see the entire city from above, alike to seeing London from the London Eye. It was absolutely gorgeous, albeit a tad chilly.

Proof that Sevilla is simply gorgeous!

That evening we went for a meal in Sevilla’s oldest restaurant, where I had the nicest piece of sea bass I’ve had for a long time (and more cerveza, of course). For those of us who made it to the end, we also experienced some of Sevilla’s nightlife. Clubs there are far different to those in Zaragoza, with far more people and alcohol flowing – I think it helped that it was a Saturday night, in all fairness!

Almost everyone together again, looking out from the top of Las Setas

The next day was a rainy one, something very rare for Sevilla. So rare in fact, that it was perhaps the fourth or fifth day of rain the city has seen all year; typical. We took shelter in a nearby Costa until we eventually, and sadly, went our separate ways. It was lovely to see everyone, and I miss them all more than ever, but it also made me really excited to plan another meet up like it, as well as for final year. Love you all!

The following weekend I took a coach to Vitoria, this time a little bit closer to Zaragoza. Vitoria-Gasteiz is essentially the capital of the Basque Country, which alike to Catalonia is a region with its own cultural differences and language, Basque (also known as euskera). The trip was to see my friend Emily, another course friend who couldn’t make the trip to Sevilla. While it was a short weekend, it was filled with pastries, pizza, Gilmore Girls (more on that another time) and a lot of catching up! We spent Saturday walking around the quaint, quiet city, shopping and talking about our plans for Christmas, before she showed me the nightlife that Vitoria had to offer. I was glad to get in to my own bed the next day when I arrived home to my own room and the ridiculously high heating, especially as I was so cold all weekend! The weather was very different in comparison to the previous weekend’s 20 degree sunshine. Don’t let anyone tell you that Spain doesn’t get winter, because trust me, it does.

Another reunion and yet more typically touristy photos…

It was so nice to see a different side to Spain, although being away so much during November did make me miss Zaragoza and its ways, as well as miss home. However, speaking right now, it’s December tomorrow aka I see Jack in a week’s time in Barcelona (!!!!), and my flight back to England is in 17 (!!!!). Not like I’m counting or anything. I am so excited for Christmas, I could cry! I’ve missed the build-up more than anything and can’t wait to be home with my family, listening to Christmas songs, wrapping presents and of course, seeing everyone I’ve missed. I also realised yesterday I haven’t had a proper curry for 2 months now! That will need to be rectified immediately upon my return (padres, I know you’re reading this).

Until next time, folks. Stay tuned for more reviews and follow my Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep up with me. I am sure there will be a blog about my trip to Barcelona with Jack soon too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Besos xxxx


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