Single Review / Someone That Loves You – HONNE & Izzy Bizu

HONNE are already well-known for their unique electronic soul. They have previously been described as set ‘to re-invent babymaking music’, which is pretty indisputable when listening to their first couple of EPs. However, their collaboration with up-and-comer Izzy Bizu and latest single ‘Someone That Loves You’ is a slight departure from the likes of ‘The Night’ and ‘3AM’.

As with every track the duo have released thus far, I am totally obsessed. The dreamy mix of their signature electronica, complete with smooth synths and piano, and Bizu’s sweet and soulful vocals is heavenly. The duet between Andy and Izzy paired with lyrics that speak of wanting someone you can’t have creates a lovely juxtaposition and really sells the idea of a love or lust for someone unattainable, particularly when both are aware they can’t act on their feelings. When speaking about the track, this sentiment is echoed by Bizu: ‘[Someone That Loves You’ is] a song all about how we want what we can’t have and how the grass is always greener’. Their voices work perfectly together and this collaboration only further explores the great impact adding female vocals to their music can have, having previously worked with JONES on ‘No Place Like Home’ on Over Lover last year.

Whilst not on the same self-proclaimed ‘warm and sensual’ level of their previous tracks, namely due to the subject matter, this track displays HONNE at possibly their strongest yet. ‘Someone That Loves You’ proves that the duo can make music that is accessible to an audience craving pop music in its droves while still maintaining their trademark, well-produced sound. Their debut album cannot come soon enough.

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[Originally written for Redbrick Music]

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