Spotify Discoveries / March

I’m back with this feature! My last Spotify Discoveries post went down a treat back in January, and being as my Discover Weekly playlists have been pretty damn good this month (sorry, February), I thought I best go through some of my favourites. Please do remember that this isn’t a post exclusively recommending the best ‘new’ music, but simply just going through tracks and artists I may have previously missed or overlooked. Check out these gems from March.

Bonfire / The Hunna

It hurts me to write this because it seems the most lazy of comparisons, but The Hunna do have something of the Catfish and the Bottlemen vibe about them. Lovely guitar melodies and emphatic vocals, ‘Bonfire’ is one of many decent tracks already released by The Hunna. I only wish I’d got into them a bit sooner (and that I’d been able to go to their sold out show in Birmingham this week).

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Limit Of Love / Boy & Bear

There’s a certain swagger and folky confidence about Boy & Bear. With crisp guitar riffs and a wonderful beach vibe, ‘Limit Of Love’ is a track  I can definitely see soundtracking summer walks and car rides. Shame on me for being so late to the party.

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#5 / R.W. Grace (feat. Matt Corby)

This track is absolutely gorgeous. The experimental electronica on ‘#5’ is enticing, beautifully down-beat, and marries the exceptional voice of R.W. Grace with Matt Corby’s lush tones absolutely wonderfully. Each note and melody is accentuated to the highest degree, drawing you in further. Definitely something to listen to when you need a break from revision and work.

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Sometimes / Oscar

Perhaps the most quirky of the tracks on this list, 20-something Londoner Oscar Scheller’s ‘Sometimes’ couples his low register with jangly guitars and a female vocalist later on. This in turn creates something that could easily soundtrack any awkward teen movie starring the likes of Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cena.

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Vice / Lisbon

How about a slice of indie pop? ‘Vice’ is the perfect track for this, with the infectiously smooth guitar riffs giving off very strong The 1975 vibes. Laced with breathy vocals and harmonies from the boys, this is one that’s set to be on replay in your head for hours (and I don’t really mind that).

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Beautiful Criminal / A-L-X

With an intro reminiscent to Jai Paul’s ‘jasmine’ (in fact, I’d argue it is a direct sample), it’s hard not to become obsessed with ‘Beautiful Criminal’. With a constant question of ‘why’d you do it, baby?’ throughout, the song is down-beat R&B at its best, and with the Scottish instrumentalist keeping his cards close to his chest, who knows what else I’ve missed by him. Definitely one to check out.

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I’ve attached a playlist with all of my Discover playlists from this month, all in one place.

Until next month, folks!

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