Single Review / Fast Food – D.I.D

If you could pardon the severely-overused pun, Dog is Dead is, well… dead. Under the new name of D.I.D – everything is an acronym these days – the Nottingham 5-piece have returned with a new offering in the form of ‘Fast Food’, in turn giving us a taste of their new EP (also called Fast Food).

The song demonstrates a new and mature sound from the band, the lyrics discussing the breaking down of a relationship and how “now all we do is eat fast food / all we do is just fool around”, with a video that could easily be a metaphorical symbol for the relationship – in a roundabout way it could be seen almost as a ‘too much of a good thing’ analogy (and we’ve all heard that cautionary tale). To further reiterate this, lead singer Robert Milton has been quoted as saying “I wanted to focus on the apathetic side of things and how we cling to anything fast and easy to make us happy quickly. It’s also a comment on how easily we settle for and take what’s on offer to satisfy ourselves in the short term.”

The three year break, in which D.I.D seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth after their debut album All Our Favourite Stories, seems to have really done the boys some good if ‘Fast Food’ is one of the end results. Their new EP, released on 18th September, also includes single ‘Hotel’ released earlier on this year. However, the main question is: will die-hard fans of the band’s first album, full of emphatic choruses and energetic guitar melodies, respond as well to this second course?

Words by Kirstie Sutherland

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(Originally written for The Indiependent)

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