Live Review / JAWS @ The Rainbow (17.05.15)

Currently in the running for most humble band of the year award is most definitely JAWS. The Brummie band took over The Rainbow on Sunday night, giving 200 lucky fans a free ticket to see them in action, frontman Connor Schofield thanking the crowd profusely throughout the show for turning up. Speaking to the band after the show, they explained they wanted to do something for their fans and “pay them back” before festival season begins, and they did not disappoint. The small venue, where they played their first ever show as a band, seemed like a second home to them and it was packed to the rafters.

The guys kicked the show off with their new single ‘Bad Company’, a track that is signalling a clearly new and developed sound preceding their second album. The crowd were in a frenzy from the get-go, with the majority jumping up and down ferociously before the first bars of ‘Think Too Much, Feel Too Little’ had even begun. Having recently played a headline tour in March, we were left unsure as to what to expect on the setlist for this one-off show, but the band treated us to all the favourites. Particular highlights in this instance were tracks ‘BreeZe’ and ‘Stay In’, taken from their first EP Milkshake, which gave their performance an almost reminiscent vibe.

The band also treated us to two new songs that I’m sure we’ll hear much more of in the coming months. ‘Simplicity’ is beyond catchy, the crowd eventually singing along with Schofield before the song’s end, with the other – simply referred to as ‘Paper’ on the setlist but at the moment untitled – taking the band in a slightly heavier direction. This interlude of new material was followed by ‘Be Slowly’ from their eponymous debut, creating a much more summery vibe (despite the dark moody lighting throughout) before ending on a high note with popular single ‘Gold’. This set closer in particular sent the crowd wild, the mosh pits and crowd-surfing seemingly turned up to eleven; one (unlucky) crowd-surfer managed to fall onto stage and knock over bassist Jake Cooper’s mic stand.

The indie pop boys have certainly grown in confidence over the years and it is clear they’re more aware than ever at how to put on a good show. I’m sure Schofield’s words speak for me and everyone else lucky enough to be there that night: “there’s nothing else to say but ‘thank you’.”

JAWS’ latest single ‘Bad Company’ is out now.

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Words by Kirstie Sutherland

[Also featured on Redbrick Music]

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